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A Diamond Miracle

This is part from a work we are doing in groups. Part 1:
A long time ago, in the far place of Gringhot, there was a king called William III. William had a wife called Hope. Hope had a secret. She was not normal, she was a goddess. One day Hope and William had a daughter and called her Destiny. Everyone in Gringhot was really happy except for Hope. When her daughter was born, she needed to leave her family and went to the Olympus with the rest of the gods. Destiny grew up without knowing her real life. She started developing special powers, but she never recognized them.  One day she dreamed with her mother. She went and told her father but he only said her mother was dead  and she had to let her go. She went crying and talked to her best friend, the cook. The cook listened to her and told her to buy some apples. Destiny put on a coat and went to the market, still crying, because of that dream. -It was so real- she said as she continued walking, looking for the greengrocer.