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Here I present a summary of different climates that can be found all around the world. Equatorial Climate
Places with equatorial climate can be found between 5° in either side of the Equator. The main places where it can be found are in the Amazonas, the Congo and south-east of Asia. It has an annual range 2°C due to the high location of the sun rays toward the places. They are hot and wet throughout the year. It does not have a wet or dry season. The annual rainfall is from 2000/2500mm. This condition is due to the warm air but low pressure of the area. There are no prevailing winds. The equatorial climate is characterized by the great humidity and the continuum daily pattern. The daily pattern is produced when water vapor creates the clouds. With more water vapor, cumulonimbus are formed. Clouds condense and it rains, this produces the nights to be warm and very humid.

Continental ClimatesThis climate is mainly found in the center of continents, away from coasts and between the lati…