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MadMen: The Smoking Pitch

Around the world there are millions of different sources that provide us information from every kind. However some information may rely in more accurate concepts and fundaments. There´s where the concept of credibility appears. Each source, from people, to magazines, to newspapers, can be more or less credible. That´s why we use a credibility criteria in order to identify the concept. One of the ideas we take into account in the credibility criteria is the vested interest. Companies, governments, etc sometimes have a personal interest in the outcame of a decision or situation. That is why they may distort information in other to favour themselves. Consequently, reducing the credibility.
In class we saw an extract of the tv serie MadMen:

We analysed it and answered the following questions:
1. Identify some of the vested interest in this scene. How do these work?
2. Why is Peter´s idea rejected and Dom´s idea accepted?
3. Find and old tobacco advertising picture and analyse it in terms …

Proposal: Communication Skills Downgrade

Communication Skills Downgrade at Schools
In this proposal I will assess the current situation dilemma faced by students with regard to their lack of communication skills and identify the needs which should be addressed in order to improve their delivering abilities. The final section makes recommendations suggesting who the situation could be improved.

Current Situation
Feedback produced by a number of teachers proved that nowadays children are struggling to express themselves. They have lack of fluency and modulation. They are often stuck and keep repeating the same idea several times. Their visual supporters are often poor and many times not visible to the audience. They tend to avoid making eye contact or fail to address their audience. What is more, they are continuously moving, consequently neglecting the attention of the audience.

Key needs to be addressed
Both the lack of confidence found in students, the frequent downgrade in technological supplies present in schools …