Mostrando entradas de mayo, 2017

Letter of Complain

To whom it may concern, 

I´m writing to express my deep disappointment concerning my recent experience with your company, KLM Airlines. I had booked a flight to Sri Lanka via Amsterdam. Nevertheless, when I got to my local airport in Argentina, I found out that the connecting flight had first been delayed and then cancelled. What disappointed me the most was the fact that I received no comments about the flight´s situation.
After the plane situation, I immediately contacted one of your Airline Directors, nevertheless they told me the phone-line was collapsed and that there was no responsible employer who could talk to me. They just booked me in another flight leaving at 7 am from the following day. I found the staff´s attitude extremely rude.
As you may suppose, I was not able to arrive on time to Amsterdam´s airport, consequently missing my flight. Due to that, not only was I unable to check-in in my hotel, but I also missed the first day of my rented car. Both things were paid in adva…

Informal Letter

Dear Mary,

How´s everything going in New York? I haven´t heard from you in a while and I was wondering how life was treating you. Unlike you, I´m still here, in Mississippi; the place where time and justice seem to be stuck. However, I have dived myself in an amazing personal project. I started investigating the terrible and mistreated life of afro American house helps working at our houses. I´ve been hanging out with them, listening to what they have to tell, and taking detailed notes about everything they said. You may find it hard to believe. But things here don´t work the way they do over there.
To start with, they told me about the terrible daily discrimination they suffer. How they run their lives in constant fear of being attacked by surprise by one of those infamous clans that terrorizes them. They send their kids to school scare to death that they may not come back home. Every time they say goodbye to each other, might be the last one.
Making a living is another problem. Since…



Mes vacances à Paris

J’étais en France parce que j’ai gagné un voyage. Mes vacances étaient magnifiques. Il faisait beau tous les jours. J’étais très contente. J’ai visitéle Musée du Louvre, Les Champs Élysées  et la Tour Eiffel parmi les monuments nationaux. J’ai adoré les Champs Élysée. J’ai pris de photos et j’ai acheté plusieurs souvenirs. Je me suis amusée. Les Champs Élysée étaient bruyant, cependant elles sont merveilleuses. Aussi, la cuisine locale était délicieuse et les gens étaient très sympas. J’aimerais vivre là.
Sofi García Mansilla