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Making a Reasoned Judgement: Influence of Violent Movies

Media nowadays has a great effect on kids. It influences their way of seeing the world and interacting with it. Many movies, videogames and TV shows have been accused of influencing kids with extremely graphic visuals of violence, therefore suggesting the idea that murder, physical harassment and deadly attacks are an unavoidable issue on our society. However in order to relate them with this claims, there must be some kind of evidence review. In our thinking skills class we analyzed the case of two boys who had killed a fellow partner. Different sources argued about the role of the movie Childs Play 3.

After carefully going through corroborative, meaning in favor, and conflicted evidence, meaning against; as well as the weight and quality of each of the two sides, taking into account the credibility of each one of them; we arrived to the following conclusion:
Analyzing all evidence, strong and neutral sources have expressed their opinion and conduct research in this topic. We, final…

Love is On...Bring it On

In the vocabulary lesson, we have been investigating and studying the specific jargon used in the media world, particularly in advertisement. After that, the teacher assigned us to create our own lipstick advertisement using what we have learned.

Are you feeling blue? Well, there’s a solution to that. Today pamper yourself with the best of the best, and turn your life into bright, shimmering red! Be savage, be wild, live in the lap of luxury and take those vibrant lips on a night out. Are you calling for a breathtaking look? Say no more! “Love is On” lipstick has that covered for you, and even more than you could ask for. Take the change to stand out in the crowd! Paint your lips with a smile; paint them with “Love is On” lipstick and watch as a sunlit, silvery future arises!

Group: Valentina Behar, Lucila Vivas, Facundo Di Meglio, Valentín Fabrichini and Sofía García Mansilla