Letter of Complain

To whom it may concern, 

I´m writing to express my deep disappointment concerning my recent experience with your company, KLM Airlines. I had booked a flight to Sri Lanka via Amsterdam. Nevertheless, when I got to my local airport in Argentina, I found out that the connecting flight had first been delayed and then cancelled. What disappointed me the most was the fact that I received no comments about the flight´s situation.
After the plane situation, I immediately contacted one of your Airline Directors, nevertheless they told me the phone-line was collapsed and that there was no responsible employer who could talk to me. They just booked me in another flight leaving at 7 am from the following day. I found the staff´s attitude extremely rude.
As you may suppose, I was not able to arrive on time to Amsterdam´s airport, consequently missing my flight. Due to that, not only was I unable to check-in in my hotel, but I also missed the first day of my rented car. Both things were paid in advance so I made a payment for a tariff including an amount of days I didn´t use afterwards. What is more, my whole trip was shorten up and I saw myself in the need of changing my planned schedule, omitting destinations and losing money from pre-paid tours I was not able to attend. My original trip consisted in 15 days, due to the complication it was reduced to 12, due to the long hours of connection waiting in Amsterdam.
I believe your airline needs some kind of improvement in the customer service department, specially having someone who could inform the passengers the condition of their flight. I would be grateful if you could give some kind of refund as a retribution for the money and time wasted and the shortening of my trip. If I hear nothing from you, I will have no choice but to take the subject into legal matters.

I await your response to my complaint.


Sofía García Mansilla

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